The world of fairytales is a chaotic and fascinating place. Once upon a time it was filled with girls in princess dresses, knights in shining armor, and gleaming castles high on a hill. But these days you’re just as likely to find a narcoleptic teenager or heroin addict as you are a princess at the top of Sleeping Beauty’s tower. The basics remain the same, but the means, method, and the ‘what happens next’ are wide open for interpretation.

Fairytales are just as relevant and popular these days as they ever were. Between Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray, and the upcoming live action remake, the story of Beauty and the Beast alone has dominated the box office and bestseller list for more than a decade. With so much demand it’s no wonder that authors continue to revisit these tales over and over and over again looking for the angle, the point of view, or ending that the original story skipped over.

So if you share a love of fantasy, magic, and the occasional ‘true love conquers all’ here is where I’ll share my insights, reviews, and even the occasional update or excerpt from my short stories and books as I work toward getting them published. This is a place to share favorite authors, songs, illustrations, artwork, and inspiration. If you are a storyteller I hope you find inspiration, and if you like to read I hope you find something to amuse and entertain.

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