For anyone looking to submit their work. Here’s a chance for great prizes, promotion, and critiques.

Word Craft Poetry

You know what? Some contests are not worth the paper they are printed on… but guess what? This one is! AND… I’m one of the sponsors. That’s right.  I know you’ve wanted your own copy of The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy. Well, this is your chance.


Announcing the Word Weaver Writing Contest!

Enter your fantastic piece of writing! We have over $400 of valuable prize packages!

YOU will have the month of April to enter an amazing piece of your own writing to our contest.

Here’s what you do:

Enter a piece of your writing in the contest. That’s it!

Here’s what you GET:

The FIRST PLACE Winner will receive THIS prize package valued at over $200:

  • $125 Professional BOOK COVER designed by Select-O-Grafix, LLC (
  • $50 Amazon GIFT CARD, compliments of ME
  • PUBLICATION of their winning…

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5 thoughts on “Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER WRITING CONTEST

      1. Alicia, I believe so. Please email Dan Alatorre at his address in the post and ask him. Remember it must have something to do with travel. Let me know what he says. ❤


      2. Sorry it took so long to reply. I emailed him, and he said that as long as it’s not traditionally published it’s okay to submit a story from the author’s own blog. So long as they own all rights to it and there are no copyright challenges by submitting it.

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