Trial by Song

Sneak Peek at Trial by Song 

We’re officially one month from the release of Trial by Song! I thought I’d celebrate by sharing an excerpt from Chapter 1!

Chapter 1

Dangling from his second-story window, Jack stared up at the yellow eyes carved into the sentinel balanced on the sill. From this angle, the pumpkin’s crooked grin looked sinister. Rather than repel spirits from the Otherworld, it leered as if to say they’d already come in.

Under its flaming gaze, Jack was man enough to admit that he’d made a mistake. He wasn’t strong enough to climb back inside to safety. His arms shook just trying to keep his chin above the ledge. With every second his guitar strap rode up his chest. Already it had a stranglehold across the base of his windpipe.

He eyed the distance to the ground. Naked spears of withered forsythia jutted up, brittle sentries in closed ranks to keep him from sneaking out.

Jack’s sneakers scraped the wood siding trying to find footholds. He held his breath, hoping his family inside couldn’t hear. His left hand slipped.

One moment he dangled fifteen feet in the air, and the next his heels slammed into his mother’s flower bed so hard white-hot darts stabbed up through his ankles, and his breath whooshed out in a shrill hiss.

“You know,” said a mild, mocking voice from behind him as two hands slid under his arms and hoisted him to his feet. “When people say ‘break a leg’ you’re not actually supposed to do it.” His brother, Logan, patted the dirt off him. Jack shook him off quickly to check that his guitar was alright. Logan swung his green gaze from Jack to the window and back again.

“I get that this is your first time sneaking out and all, but don’t you think out the window is a bit melodramatic?”

Jack shrugged.

“Didn’t have much choice. Mom’s still awake, and her door’s wide open. Douglas got called out on patrol. She’s been in there pacing for over an hour. She’d be blowing up your phone too if she didn’t think it was buried at the bottom of a pile of clothes in some cheap motel around here.” It helped that Logan was twenty and free to do as he pleased. Logan buffed his fingernails against his tan sweater with a flash of teeth.

“It’s still early.”

Jack limped past him to the driveway where Logan’s faded, white Mustang idled. The trunk yawned open, but Jack laid his acoustic guitar across the cracked leather back seat and fastened the seat belt over it for good measure.

“Really?” Logan’s reflection shook its head in the rearview mirror as he slid behind the wheel. Jack tightened the belt until the guitar rested flush against the cushion. He ran his thumb over the faint signature below the bridge. “I know how you drive. I could buy ten cars for what that guitar’s worth.” But Logan wasn’t listening. His face had gone very stiff. His eyes fixed on Jack’s bedroom window. Jack whirled around to see their mother’s flannel-clad figure leaning out at them.


So what do you think?

Want to jump straight into the adventure as soon as it comes out? You can preorder the book HERE. Stay tuned for more special content as the release date draws closer. If you’re as excited as I am leave a comment and share!


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