I’ve added a few illustrations  to my calendar. The year is winding down and the end of this project is drawing near. So for those of you keeping up with my progress, here’s a rundown of each one and where it all stands.

I’m really running out of time to redo this one, huh?

January: Snow White

True love, romantic dinners, and rose petals everywhere? Sounds like a fairy tale Valentine’s Day.

February: Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes inspiration is as simple as a color scheme. I’m reminded to wear green every March 17th, so this little guy is green as can be.

March: The Frog Princess

I’ve always associated Cinderella with spring. Something about her blossoming into a princess overnight after all those years of sleeping curled up by the fire just seems to fit. 

April: Cinderella

At its core Rapunzel is really a story about mothers and daughters.

May: Rapunzel

June is the beginning of beach season. The Little Mermaid is the epitome of a summer romance.

June: The Little Mermaid

What better story to showcase the joy of summer than one where the kids escape from the adults to go swim with mermaids and fight with pirates.

July: Peter Pan

I released Trial by Song in August, so I commemorated it by going back to the story that inspired the novel.

August: Jack and the Beanstalk

Based on the version of Sleeping Beauty found in the story of Sigurd and Brunhilde. She was a Valkyrie shield-maiden locked asleep in a tower surrounded by a ring of fire.

September: Sleeping Beauty

Next up

October: It wouldn’t be October if there weren’t little kids running around in flashy costumes with baskets of goodies while monsters lurk in the shadows.

Do you have any stories you associate with special times of the year? Would your list be different? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Latest Updates to the Calendar: Fairy tale Artwork Throughout the Year

  1. I think if I did this project, I would do an entire Princess calendar and the next year a folk tale calendar. I know for a fact I would put Pocahontas as a Fall month just so I could draw the amazing foliage.

    The snow white drawing is my favorite! You did wonderfully with these!


    1. Thank you! A folk tale one sounds awesome! If I ever do another it probably will be on smaller pages. This has been a much bigger undertaking than I thought it would be. I am planning on trying to put fall leaves in the background of the next one. I don’t think I’ve ever tried coloring a fall forest before. It should be a fun challenge.


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