With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to take some time to show how grateful I am to all of you lovely readers who’ve followed my writing journey this year. Back in January, I made a resolution to finally do something with the manuscript I’d been working on for the past five years. Fast forward to August, and Trial by Song was finally in print. The response to Jack and his adventures has been amazing! I can’t say how touched I am by all of you who’ve reached out to tell me how much you enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read more.

As one of seven brothers, Jack knows all about gathering together around a big feast. Here’s a quick peek at what Thanksgiving looks like in the Sorley’s household:

Thanksgiving was a big deal for the Sorleys. Keith and Craig went into the woods to gather firewood and swags of evergreens to hang over the doorways. It made the house smell like sap and smoky pine. Douglas went from room to room setting homemade candles in the windows. They put Ross to work prying open chestnut burrs to roast later for a snack.

In the kitchen Glen manhandled a twenty-six-pound turkey into a sagging roasting pan. There was something mesmerizing about the thick butter squishing between his fingers as he massaged it into the pale skin. Though he moved around the kitchen with confidence, his frantic energy betrayed his anxiety. This was the first time he’d prepared the meal without their mother. It was obvious that he meant to keep her memory alive by recreating her menu down to the last pinch of salt. With eight people to feed, Glen recruited every spare hand he could find. Even Eira, supported down the stairs between Logan and Jack, was put to work peeling potatoes.

The four oldest brothers took over the living room to watch the football game. Between them they made enough noise for an entire stadium. Jack hovered in the kitchen to devour any scraps Glen left in his wake. Eira watched quietly, drinking in their family with the longing of someone who’d never had one.

“Careful little brother. I think you’re drooling,” whispered Logan, coming up behind Jack with a stack of their mother’s linen napkins.

I hope that you also find yourself surrounded by loved ones and good food. To show my appreciation for your support over the past year, Trial by Song is only .99 in the Kindle store this week. If you or someone you know is a fan of fairy tales featuring dark faeries, magic, and adventure, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing deal! Get your copy HERE.

If you liked this excerpt, sure to check out my fb page where I’ve posted a video reading of it.

What are you thankful for this year?

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