There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in my little slice of the world. Since we’re only 1 week from Christmas, Trial by Song is on sale for .99 from now until Dec. 25th in the Kindle Store. If you loved it or you know someone who will, you’d better snatch it up HERE quick, because pretty soon there’ll be a new adventure in store.

My cover designer and I recently put our heads together to start designing the cover for The Faery Trials Book 2. That’s always exciting, because not only do I get to see some aspect of my world brought to life, but someone else does all the hard work while I just admire the pretty stuff she comes up with. While I’m just artsy enough to get a concept in my head, I don’t have the technical know-how to put it in cover form. And like with most creative endeavors, having input from someone else creates something richer than when you just work alone.

And in that spirit, I’m polishing up my latest round of revisions to pass Book 2 off to my beta readers. It’s both a scary and exciting prospect. You never know whether they will love it or find that one stray thread that makes everything unravel. But Jack is off on an all-new adventure with new characters, obstacles, and faery objects thrown into his path. As an early Christmas present, here’s a first look at the synopsis:

Resigned to a lifetime in Faerie to protect the people he loves, Jack Sorley faces monsters of every shape and size. Shifters, goblins, and a living nightmare with a grudge lurk in the shadows plotting ways to corrupt him into serving their own schemes and designs. But when his friends lead a rescue mission that goes terribly wrong, Jack must journey deep into the courts of Faerie to lift a terrible curse.

Leaked footage from Sheriff Doyle’s party goes viral, revealing to the public that faeries are real. Armed with nothing but children’s stories for reference, a new group of ‘fairy experts’ spread misconceptions and false information that puts everyone at risk. Hailed as heroes by some and traitors by others, the Sorleys are forced out of the shadows in order to protect the human race from itself.

Meanwhile, in Faerie, the war intensifies between the Solitary Fae and the Gentry, and mankind faces annihilation if the wrong faction wins. And when the Solitary Fae strike a decisive victory against the Hawthorn Court, a bitter Queen Credeilia agrees to surrender at the next equinox.

With the fate of two worlds resting on his shoulders, can Jack convince Credeilia she still has a reason to fight before she hands over her crown at midnight during the Vernal Feriae Ball and irrevocably tips the balance of power out of control?

Exciting stuff, am I right? Everything you loved about Trial by Song is back in Book 2 with more action, magic, and chaos thrown in.

But you know what? Calling it Book 2 is getting kind of silly. How about I reveal the title? Are you ready? It’s:

As you can probably imagine, I’m thrilled with all the happenings over here and excited to bring this story to you soon. So there’ll be a lot of big announcements coming your way in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes posted here and the Snowy Wings Publishing Page for news on the official cover reveal and release date. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your theories about where Jack’s story will go. And if you haven’t had a chance to catch his first adventure, now is a great opportunity to add it to your Christmas list.

Happy Holidays, guys!

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