Welcome back, guys! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here, so I thought I’d slow down and take a moment to catch everyone up to speed with what’s going on. Between new releases, new projects, and new art submissions life’s been a little hectic in the best ways.

Interview with a Writer Mom

Last Monday I did a live Twitter interview with @WriterMomsInc. The live twitter chat style was a little chaotic trying to answer a comment on a previous answer and answer the next interview question, but it was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again sometime. Every Monday at 8pm Pacific Time Writer Moms hosts a twitter chat under the hashtag #wm_chat. Tomorrow, they’ll be discussing marketing your books, so I highly recommend following along if that’s something you’re interested in because there’s always so much good information shared by everyone who’ve all had different experiences.

Cinders Dance Release

Tuesday saw the release of Cinders Dance, and I’ve been blown away by the response and support that’s come out of that. Time moves differently between the human world and Faerie, and the ball that Jack goes to happens to land on St. Patrick’s Day in the human world, so it was nice to be able to sync the release date so close to the events in the story. Available in Kindle Unlimited, Cinders Dance is available in Ebook and Paperback

Upcoming Projects

So there’s one more planned story in the Faery Trials series, and I finished up the outline on Wednesday. But before I jump back into that world I’m going to polish up the rough draft I wrote for an action-oriented take on Rapunzel. She’s the last priestess charged with guarding a sacred treasure from the gods and he’s a mercenary sent to bring back the cure for a dying world at any cost. I’ll have more details on that project soon.

Mermaid Art

And last, but not least, I broke out my art supplies to create a submission for K. M. Robinson’s call for mermaid artwork for the anthology she’s putting together for later this year. It was the first time in a long time that I did a full black and white drawing, but it was a fun drawing to work on. I love coming up with costumes for fantasy characters and creatures.

As you can see there’s a lot of exciting things happening around here. Want to know more? Feel free to leave me a question or comment. Have a great day!

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