When I was about 11 months old, I was adopted by my parents, who were living in Panama at the time. We moved to the States when I was around two, despite a few attempts over the years, I haven’t been back to Panama since. At least that was true up until this past weekend.

As a bit of a late Mother’s Day gift to me and an early birthday present for him, my husband took me back for the first time in over 25 years!


We spent four days in Panama City, experiencing as much as we could of what the city has to offer.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Panama without a trip to the Panama Canal!


Toured some scenic spots and cathedrals around the city.



Panama Viejo was one of our favorite stops. A little bit of the old world in the heart of the new.


And what’s a vacation without trying some of the local food? All in all we made the most of our time and it was great to go back and see the country I come from.

As a writer, location and backstory play such important roles in developing a character. Are there any places that helped define your own personal story?

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