The quirks, the chaos, the constant battle for who’s really in charge when the adults aren’t in the room–those are just a few of the things to love about stories featuring big families in YA fantasy. Brothers and sisters may not always get along, but when adventure and danger are closing in, these five families are always there for each other. Which fantasy family would you most want to visit?

1) The Weasleys

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

The Weasleys embodied everything that made family feel like home. Their house was a model in precariously controlled chaos. It was always fun to spend time at the Burrow. The best part about the Weasleys was the way they squabbled and bickered and even went off on their own, but they loved each other fiercely and came together when they needed to.

2) The Sevenwaters Clan

The Sevenwaters Series by Juliet Marillier

Rescuing her six brothers is a huge part of Daughter of the Forest. Sorcha endures countless hardships in silence to undo the spell her stepmother cast that turned them into swans. But the theme of family follows through the other books too. Whether it’s the bond between twins, brothers and sisters, parents and children, or spouses, they love each other fiercely even if they don’t see eye to eye. In some cases that fierce love leads to unintended betrayals and other times it’s the cause and solution of fantastic adventures.

3) The Stauntons

The Dark is Rising Cycle by Susan Cooper

In The Dark is Rising, Will Staunton is a seventh son. His brothers and sisters don’t play as big a role in his adventures as some of these other siblings, but they give him advice and something to protect along the way. The fact that he’s the youngest and holds the fate of the world on his shoulders which he can’t let any of them know is an important part of his story.

4) The Pevensies

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

Where would children’s fantasy be without the Pevensies? Each of the children have moments where they don’t always show their best selves, but they know how to forgive and accept each other and exhibit some of the best traits of what it’s like to be young and to grow up.

5) The Darlings

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Like the Pevensies, the Darlings are a staple of children’s fantasy and the theme of growing up. Wendy’s choice between staying in Neverland and experiencing eternal childhood or taking her brothers home with her to grow up is one of my favorites–though seeing as how she plays the pretend role of Mother for the Lost Boys and Peter, she’s already more than a little bit grown up before she ever gets to Neverland.

What other siblings would you add to this list?

2 thoughts on “5 Fantasy Families It’s Always Fun to Visit

  1. Four out of these five are already favourites. I’ll add Joan Aiken’s Armitage family to my list. They pop up in several of her anthologies. I love the way they accept unicorns on the lawn and witches in the nursery classroom!

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