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Release Date for Trial by Song

As you can probably imagine this is an exciting time for me. It's taken several years to get Trial by Song ready to send out into the world. When you're the youngest of seven brothers blessed with faery gifts, it's easy to feel like you have something to prove. So when Jack Sorley sneaks out… Continue reading Release Date for Trial by Song


The Genie Hunt

If you’re like me and interested in stories that feature often overlooked fairytale characters, check out this story about a genie that gets unleashed in a rural North Carolina town.

M.C. Tuggle, Writer

The Genie Hunt

Solstice Publishing has just released my novella The Genie Hunt, a modern fantasy set in High Point, North Carolina. It’s the latest comic adventure of Buddy Vuncannon and Coot Pickard, whose first exploit appeared in my short story Witch Flambé, published by Aurora Wolf.

Attorney Buddy Vuncannon and his friend Coot Pickard are heading out of town for a fishing weekend when they’re surrounded by a SWAT team. When Coot is booked, Buddy learns three of Coot’s friends identified Coot as the gun man at a pawn shop robbery, the latest in a string of violent crimes that have terrified the small town.

To defend Coot, Buddy must stand up to a bullying district attorney, uncover the identity of the real robbers, and battle a powerful genie from Iraq who serves the robbers. Buddy’s investigation implicates an old friend, reigniting long-forgotten friction between Buddy and Coot. Old…

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