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Happy Halloween: A Special Treat to Celebrate

I draw from a lot of Celtic folklore and traditions for The Faery Trials, and I thought that this Halloween I would offer you all a nice treat.


Author Interview: Alicia Gaile and Trial by Song!

Check out my author interview with the lovely Emma Rose Hollands

Why Words Work

I have a very special guest today on Why Words Work! With a story that has been over ten years in the making, this author has worked so hard to bring her book out into the world. As soon as I saw her over on my Twitter, I knew that I had to interview her and find out just how she did it.

Today I am interviewing Alicia Gaile!

A Creative Writing graduate, a creative thinker, and a YA fanatic. Alicia is a writer who loves everything fantasy. Writing YA short stories and novel, Trial by Song is her first completed novel, which debuted earlier this year.

So, without further ado, let’s see what she has to say!


Faeries and Magic, Harps and Huntsmen: What makes your novel stand out from the crowd in the fantasy genre?

Nestled inside all of the fairy tales, magic, monsters, and mayhem is the…

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Guest Post by Jenelle L. Schmidt

I'm really excited to present this guest post from Jenelle L. Schmidt, author of three fantasy novels: King's Warrior, Second Son, and Yorien's Hand, as well as a short-story retelling of Beauty and the Beast entitled "Stone Curse" that can be found in the Five Enchanted Roses anthology by Rooglewood Press. 


Lightening The Mood: How To Add Humor To Defuse The Situation

Have you ever read a story in which the action never stops and the suspense builds and builds without ever giving the characters or reader a chance to breathe? On the surface that sounds like a good idea. More suspense and drama should mean your readers can't turn those pages fast enough. But like with… Continue reading Lightening The Mood: How To Add Humor To Defuse The Situation