Happy Halloween!

Today is the day when the veil between the worlds of human and Faerie is at its thinnest, when monsters and ghouls are said to walk the night. Tonight is the night when the Wild Hunt rides!

Even though many of us know Halloween as a fun holiday where we dress up in costumes and wander around bugging our neighbors for candy, the holiday has its roots in Celtic traditions. Samhain, the holiday many of our modern Halloween traditions stems from, was a harvest festival that signaled the end of the old year. For those of you interested in Faerie folklore, this was one of the nights when the spirits and faeries were thought to be most active, so people carved lanterns into (then turnips and beets) pumpkins to scare them away.

I draw from a lot of Celtic folklore and traditions for The Faery Trials, and I thought that this Halloween I would offer you all a nice treat. There’s one fairy tale that really captures the modern spirit of the holiday more than most. A young girl dressed in a flashy red cape who carries a basket of treats through the woods where a monster waits… If you’re a fan of Little Red Riding Hood then check out my new novella, ‘A Coat Red as Holly,’ which tells the story of Eira’s mother:

The night she died, Gwen saw the creatures that hide in the shadows. When she came back, she learned that not all monsters have fangs.

When an accident forces Gwen to make deal with a faery king to save her life, it comes with unexpected consequences. Left to carry her secret in a world that doesn’t believe faeries are real, she thinks she has no one to turn to when she really needs help. But on the longest night of the year, as she makes her way through the snow to Grandma’s house, she soon comes to realizes that the fae are the least of her problems.

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Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

May your jack-o-lanterns burn bright and your candy bags be filled with delights!

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