Decked Out for the Holidays

A sneak peek at my home decked for the holidays


5 Tips for Creating Fictional Teams Audiences Will Care About

Teams play a big role in a lot of stories, but I don’t often see much time devoted to talking about how to create good team dynamics. Writing teams into a story isn’t as easy as it sounds. The more characters involved the more work has to go into making each member feel relevant. Now…

Author Spotlight and Q & A: Alicia Gaile

I had a great time doing this Q&A about with Darque Dreamer Reads about writing, fairy tales, and upcoming projects.

Mermaid Reading

Happy Thursday Bookworms!

Today I am bringing you a spotlight and fun Q & A with author Alicia Gaile. I recently read her faerie tale mashup, Trial by Song, and will be reading the sequel, Cinders Dance, very soon. These two books are part of her awesome Faery Trials series, and she is also working on a mythological fantasy titled Braid of Sand, which I am extremely excited for! Below you will find my questions in bold aqua color, and Alicia’s answers in italics.

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Q & A:

What inspired you to write from the beginning?

I started writing when I was in elementary school because I was such a fast reader that I burned through my stack of library books so fast I needed new stories in between visits. As I got older and I began to refine the types of stories I wanted to read, it got harder…

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