It was brought to my attention that I never shared my finished series of fairy tale illustrations based on the months of the year. This was a huge project, much bigger than I ever thought it would be, but I’m so pleased and proud to be able to say I did it.

January: A Fresh Start

6F468580-B0F4-48F9-8C71-8277A44CF8A9 Snow White wakes up from her poisoned sleep. With the darkness behind her and a new life ahead of her, her future is full of brighter possibilities.

February: Among the Roses

img_0454-1 Beauty and the Beast spend time in the rose garden. True love, flowers, beauty, and magic.

March: Little Green Friend

img_0511-3 The Princess wonders if her gold ball was worth it.

April: After the Ball

img_0637 Cinderella daydreams about her time at the ball.

May: From Maiden to Mother

IMG_0649 Rapunzel waiting for her prince to take her away.

June: A Summer Love Storyimg_0638

The Little Mermaid decides to give up everything she knows for her prince.

July: Flying High Over the Neverland Seas

img_0455 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell race off on another daring adventure. Summer is a time when most kids wish we could stop time and never grow up.

August: A Giant Adventure

Jack realizes getting back down the beanstalk is only half of the problem.

September: Sleep Claims the Kingdom

IMG_1221 The beautiful Shield Maiden is put into an enchanted sleep. Around her the court falls asleep to await the day when she wakes again.

October: Braving Monsters to Deliver Treats0118CA33-34E9-4373-A505-077E07453991.jpeg

Red discovers she’s not alone in the woods.

November : A Feast in the ForestHansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel stumble upon the gingerbread house.

December: A Gift Of Love

2978E960-F443-406B-8C06-1B6D332FB7FE.jpeg The Six Swans gather around their sister as she gives them the gift of the shirts that will break their spell.

I can’t say whether I’ll tackle another project of this scale anytime soon, but I’m definitely pleased with the way the entire collection turned out. I hope you enjoyed seeing them all come together. Which month is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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